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Internship Program


An internship is a single semester, one-time, paid or unpaid work experience during the summer or regular academic semester, which offers students an experience related to their field of study or career objective.  Students may or may not obtain credit for the internship.  However, in either case, the internship should be a carefully monitored learning experience in which the student reflects actively on what s/he is learning throughout the experience.

Unpaid Internships and Internships where employers prefer/require students to pursue academic credit:

  • Must read and understand the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines on unpaid internships
  • Must be relevant to one of our business majors
  • Must focus on and list projects that will be completed over the course of the internship that will be related to, enhance, and add value to the course of study (major) of the student.
  • Must provide clearly defined job duties
  • Works under close supervision, guidance, and mentorship
  • Postings in this area that do not allow for a focus on academic-related work projects that can enhance the students' skills should be reclassified as full-time, part-time or seasonal/temporary.

Paid Internships
(where academic credit is neither preferred nor required by employer)

  • Must be relevant to one of our business majors
  • Must provide clearly defined job duties

NOTE:  We require all MBA-level internships be paid.

Ready to post your Internship position?
To begin, please login or request an account in our job posting system, GatorHIRED!  This account will allow you to post jobs and sign up for our events.  You are also welcome to call us at 713-221-5011 anytime so we can help you get started.

If You Have Hired an Intern:
It is very important that you report internship information. If you have hired an intern to work with your organization please report that you have done so. Please e-mail  Jakobi Augillard​  to report interns hired.


        Employer provides:

  • Job description, qualifications, and company literature
  • Interviews on-campus, at the worksite, or by telephone
  • Supervision, orientation to company, a Mentor, and on-going training
  • Assignments appropriate to the student's educational level, job-related to the major field of study
  • Compensation (paid or non-paid, benefits), Worker's Compensation Insurance for interns
  • Evaluation of student's performance throughout the internship

    COB Career Center Provides

  • Professional staff to assist you
  • GatorHIRED! system for posting internship opportunities
  • Resume Referral Service
  • Help in facilitating the campus recruitment process
  • Suggestions on hourly pay and benefits
  • Forms for evaluating the intern's performance

    Academic Departments Provide:
  • UHD College of Business students has the opportunity to receive credit for pursuing an internship.  The departments meet with each intern student to determine whether a student may receive credit for pursuing a particular internship.  Each department will also grade any corresponding report for which the student will receive a grade.

    Student provides:
  • State-of-the-art information, technology, and skills
  • An employer with information about whether s/he will be receiving academic credit for the internship