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Academic Dishonesty Appeals

Students who are charged with academic dishonesty have the opportunity to appeal the charge or the punishment based on PS 03.A.19 section 2.3. Like a grade appeal, the student's first option is to petition the instructor and then the chair of the relevant department (see table below). If the appeal is denied and the student still believes that s/he has a compelling case, s/he may bring the matter to the dean's office for final review.

Contacts to Appeal

Art, Communications, Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, Music

Contact the Department of Arts and Communications Chair
Dr. Azar Rejaie, 713-222-5300

Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Humanities, Philosophy, History

Contact the Department of History, Humanities and Languages Chair
Dr. Jeff Jackson, 713-221-2793

English, Technical Communication, Reading, Rhetoric and Composition

Contact the Department of English Interim Chair,
Dr. Jillian Hill, 713-221-8297

Nonprofit Management, Political Science, Psychology,
Social Science, Sociology

Contact the Interim Department of Social Sciences Chair
Dr. Stephanie Babb, 713-223-7918