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Grade Appeals

According to PS 03A04​, Grading System, students have the right to appeal final course grades under the conditions outlined in Section 4.6. Note that the student should speak with the instructor, first; sometimes, a simple typographical error in the submission of final grades is the root of the problem. If the student is not satisfied with the instructor's explanation, s/he​ can make a formal appeal by completing an appeal form and submitting it to the chair of the department that houses the course. The final appeal option is to bring the matter before the department's dean.

Please read PS03A04 Sec. 4.​6​​ >Appeal of Course Grades: If a studen​​t believes a course grade to be in error (i.e. if it appears to be a miscalculation, or if it appears that grade was not calculated and/or evaluated according to the course instructor’s stated procedure) a student may file an appeal by proceeding in the following sequence: (1) appeal first to the course instructor, (2) if the appeal is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, then appeal to the appropriate department chair, (3) the final level of appeal would be to the appropriate dean.

Appeal Form (PDF)

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