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Taking Classes Online and Remotely

In the event of a campus closure due to weather, illness, or other emergency, the University of Houston-Downtown offers several ways for students to continue classes online and off-campus. Any closure will be officially announced through the University's website and via campus emergency alerts.

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Additional Resources

  • Cengage: For US colleges experiencing unplanned, mid-semester impacts due to COVID-19, Cengage is offering students free access to all our digital platforms and 14,000 ebooks through Cengage Unlimited, for the remainder of this semester.
  • Follet: RedShelf Responds.
    • Providing you simple, free access to eBooks during complicated times.
    • To ensure that all students have access to their course materials amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we're partnering with the publishing community to provide you with up to 7 free eBooks from participating publishers. (Program applies to students at non-profit, semester-based schools, and access runs through May 25th.)
  • Wiley has made WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta and zyBooks available through the Spring 2020 term. Also, the company has made more than 5,000 COVID-19-related articles freely available on a Wiley Online Library site.
  • JoVE has made its educational video content available through Jun. 15, 2020. That includes free access to the three types of resources: JoVE Core, a video textbook that covers core concepts in biology and social psychology to improve learning comprehension; JoVE Science Education, a collection of easy-to-understand video demonstrations in eight STEM fields; and Lab Manual, curriculum for introductory biology lab courses. The company is also making its curriculum specialists available to help faculty map JoVE videos to their curriculum at no charge.

Sign Up For Emergency Alerts

To ensure you are set up to receive Campus Emergency Alerts , please follow the steps below:

Free Internet at Home for Students

Academic Computing Lab Student Software

Software Free to Download Documentation Link to download
(Alternative to WinZip)
Yes 7-Zip FAQs
Adobe Air Yes Adobe Air Documentation
ACD ChemSketch Yes ACD Labs Resource Library
FileZilla Yes FileZilla Client Documentation
Freedom Scientific Fusion
(Jaws & ZoomText)
Yes Freedom Scientific Documentation
Google Chrome Yes Get Started with Chrome Browser
Java JRE Yes Java Help Center
Java JDK Yes Java SE Documentation
Microsoft Office Professional
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Publisher
Yes Office 365 Documentation
Microsoft Office Professional
  • Project
  • Visio
Yes Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
Microsoft Visual Studio Yes Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
Mozilla Firefox Yes Learn the Basics: get started
NetBeans Yes NetBeans Documentation, Training & Support
PHStat Yes, with textbook PHStat: Installation and Use
ProSeries No, Free Trial
(No e-file or print)
ProSeries Videos and FAQs
PuTTy Yes PuTTY Documentation Page
Respondus Lockdown Browser Yes Using LockDown Browser - Student Instructions
R-Series Yes The R Manuals
RStudio Desktop Yes RStudio Documentation
SPSS Yes SPSS Portal
VLC Player Yes VLC Documentation
Windows 10 Yes Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
Zoom Yes Getting Started with Zoom

Departmental Student Software

Software Free to Download Documentation Link to download
AllegroCL Yes Allegro CL version 10.1 Documentation
ArcGIS No, Free 21 Day Trial Documentation for ArcGIS
Arduino Yes Getting Started with Arduino Web Editor
Audacity Yes Audacity Manuals (with Tutorials and FAQ)
Comic Life No, Free 30 Day Trial PLASQ Support
DNA Master Yes DNA Master Installation Guide
ETAP No, Free 30 Day Demo Start Using ETAP Demo
Foldit Yes Foldit Wiki
LogicWorks No, Free Demo Available What is LogicWorks for Windows?
Maple No, Free 15 Day Trial Maplesoft Documentation Center
NotePad++ Yes Notepad++ Online Help
OrCAD PSpice Designer Lite No, Free Trial Available OrCAD Resource Hub
Phamerator Yes Phamerator GUI Quick Start Guide
Python Yes Python Documentation
QGIS Yes QGIS Documentation
SAP2000 No, Evaluation Available SAP2000 Watch and Learn Video Tutorials
SWI Prolog Yes SWI Prolog Reference Manual
VMWare Workstation Player No, Evaluation Available VMware Documentation
Wolfram CDF Player Yes Wolfram Language & System Documentation Center