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Official Functions

The administration of the University of Houston-Downtown recognizes that refreshments, business entertainment, and other discretionary expenditures can be important to the operation of the university. It is, however, critical to place these activities in proper perspective; to prevent abuses; to ensure prudent control of these expenditures; and to ensure compliance with all university, state, and federal regulations governing these expenditures and use of university funds. Certain university funds may be expended for official functions and discretionary purposes not directly related to the educational process that can be demonstrated to be of clear benefit to the university, subject to the limits outlined in University of Houston-Downtown Policy statements. All requests for payment / reimbursements of such expenditures will be subject to individual review and approval, must be paid from available and qualifying departmental funds, and must be fully documented and authorized in accordance with UH system and University of Houston-Downtown Policies. Funds appropriated by the State of Texas cannot be expended for business entertainment under any circumstances. 

PS 01.A.14:  Use of Alcoholic Beverages at University of Houston-Downtown

PS 05.A.01:  Entertainment Expenditures Policy

PS05.A.02:  Signature Authority of University Funds

UHD Purchasing Policies 

Official functions / Entertainment expenditures must be documented to show the following: 

1)  Identification of the persons or group being entertained. If a small group is being entertained (ten or less), the names of all attendees should be provided; for large groups (more than 10), only the name of the guest(s) of honor should be provided along with the number of attendees. 

2)   A statement indicating the reason for such entertainment. The statement must reflect how the entertainment will benefit UHD and how the attendees will contribute towards the programs or activities being targeted (In the case of those funded from sponsored project funds, the benefit to the specified sponsored project). 

3)    The date and place of entertainment 

4)   Receipts for entertainment expenses are required for reimbursement to faculty or staff members. If payment is to be made to a vendor, the original invoice or statement of cost is required. 

5) For an official function hosted by the university, please attach a copy of advance approvals obtained.

Payment for entertainment expenditures will not be made unless the documentation is complete. A request for required documentation will be forwarded to the appropriate authority when additional information or paperwork is necessary. If appropriate action is not taken to properly document the expenditure, the individual staff or faculty member must bear the cost of the entertainment. Approval must be given by the employee's supervisor or higher authority, as described in PS 05.A.02, for all payments.