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Alternative Transportation

Due to increased costs and limited funding, UHD’s RideSponsor discount program with METRO will no longer be offered to employees starting September 1, 2023. UHD’s RideSponsor Program for students will continue to be offered through a U.S. Department of Education Basic Needs grant

Through UHD’s RideSponsor program, the University commits to subsidizing 25% of the monthly fare cost (​determined by zones) for student participants.   

For example, if a participant lives in Zone 4, the monthly cost is $198 ($9 roundtrip x 22 days/month).  UHD will subside $49.50 (25%) and the participant pays the remaining $148.50.  METRO ride zone fares can be found here.

UHD Parking & Transportation will provide a METRO Q fare card loaded with the 25% amount and participants will be encouraged to load a second card for the difference of their monthly fare.  For students, this subsidy will be in addition to the 50% subsidy already provided by METRO to college and university students.

The UHD subsidized METRO Q fare card will be automatically loaded each month once the card reaches a balance of $5.  There is a maximum of one (1) reload per calendar month.  

RideSponsor program participants will not be eligible to purchase a UHD parking permit.  As a courtesy, Parking & Transportation Services will provide participants with four validations or a visitor day-pass per semester to allow for the days a participant will need to drive to​ campus​.

Individuals interested in participating in the RideSponsor program can register one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out the membership form and wait for a member of the UHD Parking and Transportation Services team to coordinate a meeting to finalize your registration.
  2. Stop by the Parking and Transportation Services Office, located in N117 of the One Main Building (across from the UHD Police Department), Monday-Friday, 8​ a.m.-5 p.m.

For more information about UHD's RideSponsor program, please contact Parking and Transportation Services,; 713-221-8127.

For more information about METRO, visit