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General Rules and Regulations

UHD Parking and Transportation Services' rules and regulations are guided by UHD Traffic and Parking Policy Statement 01.B.01.

Pedestrians shall be given the right of way at all times.

The speed limit on campus is 10 mph in any surface parking lot and 10 mph in any parking garages.

All faculty, staff and students who park on UHD property must have a valid UHD permit displayed. A parking permit signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on University property but does not guarantee a parking space on campus.

Parking is governed by markers and traffic signs and is permitted only in areas clearly identified for parking. A valid space is an area designated on three sides by lines, posts, curbs or any other type of barrier.

Parking permits must be displayed by hanging them from the rear view mirror with the numbers facing the windshield or by securing permit with tape, Velcro, string, etc. to ensure permit is visible. A current parking permit must be displayed in front of sunscreens and other expired permits, or any other. For your safety, remove the parking permit before placing the vehicle in motion.

Motorcycles and mopeds must display a valid permit to park in designated motorcycle parking spaces on campus. Parking spaces for motorcycles and mopeds are individually marked for one motorcycle/moped permitted per space. Motorcycles and mopeds are prohibited from parking in vehicular parking spaces. 

Any vehicle discovered on UHD property without a current parking permit is subject to ticketing (see Parking Enforcement).

The registered holder of the permit is at all times responsible for the vehicle in which the permit is used. Violations will be charged to the registered permit holder and he/she will become responsible for clearing the violation, regardless of who drives or parks the vehicle.

Street parking is prohibited except where signs indicate parking is permitted by the City of Houston.

The absence of "No Parking" signs and/or marked lines on the pavement does not imply that parking is allowed.

The drop-off zone located on Girard Street is intended for vehicles to temporarily park while dropping-off or picking-up passengers. Vehicles may park for 10 minutes only while waiting for passengers. Vehicles left unattended may be ticketed. Signage is posted.  Drop-off zones are strictly enforced.

The University reserves the right to control the availability of student parking areas to meet the demand of special event(s) and/or construction project(s).

It is unlawful for any person to drive by, through or beyond a barricade or a roadblock that is lawfully erected.

UHD makes every effort to protect vehicles parked on the campus or on properties under its control. However, the University cannot assume responsibility for any damage or loss of motor vehicles or personal property contained in any motor vehicle parked on campus or on properties under its control.