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Resolution of Parking Citation

Resolution of Citation

You can pay or appeal a parking citation, within ten (10) calendar days of the issued citation at a 50% fine reduction online via Manage My Account with a credit card or in person at the office of Parking and Transportation Services, room N117, with cash or check. Citations issued that are not paid or appealed within ten days will double and automatically forwarded to your University’s account. Unresolved citations will be considered delinquent and further action may be taken. 

Citation Appeal

Appealing a parking notice indicates that you believe you were parked in accordance with the UHD Parking Rules and Regulations and were incorrectly cited for a parking violation. For an appeal, there must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was NOT committed, or that it occurred due to circumstances beyond the customer's control. If a customer has valid documentation of the evidence, it should be provided at the time the appeal is submitted. 


The Violations Appeals Committee adjudicates citation appeals.  All decisions rendered by the committee are final.
The Violations Appeals Committee has the authority to dispose of a case by:
  • Upholding the charge(s) completely
  • Upholding the charge(s) but reducing the fine to whatever amount it feels is appropriate considering extenuating circumstances
  • Dismissing the charges completely