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Grade Change Form

The Grade Change form can be used to submit a request to revise a student’s grade to the Registrar’s Office after all necessary approvals have been documented. To view and edit the form, you will need Adobe Acrobat software



  1. Download the Grade Change form
  2. Enter your UHD Network Account and Password to log in (If accessing outside of UHD, you may need to VPN to your office PC)
  3. Instructors will need to submit the form with their signature to the Department Chair for approval (You can use the “Submit by Email" button at the bottom of the ATF)
  4. If the Grade Change request is to issue a grade correction that is more than one year old, the request will also require signature approval from the Dean.
  5. Once all required signatures have been collected, send the form to the Registrar's Office via email at (You can use the “Submit by Email" button at the bottom of the ATF)

The Grade Change form must have all appropriate signatures before sending to the Registrar's Office for processing.



The Registrar’s Office will process the Grade Change request within 2-5 business days and will send a notification to the designated official as confirmation. All Grade Change forms are imaged to the student’s record in DocuWare. 
For additional assistance or questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Registrar's Office
One Main Street, Suite N330
Houston, TX 77002-1001
Phone: 713-223-7945