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Administrative Drop

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Students are required to attend class, whether face to face or virtually, and complete assignments as set forth in the class syllabus.
  2. Students are responsible for checking their UHD Gatormail, registration status, and verifying their registration record after the change of registration (add/drop) period is completed.
  3. Students who are not officially enrolled (includes payment or arrangement for payment) at the end of second payment deadline will not be eligible to receive a grade for the class.


Students who have been administratively withdrawn from class(es):

  1. for failure to attend or notify the faculty member and have evidence that they in fact were attending classes or had contacted the faculty member to notify them of an absence (dated email will suffice)
  2. who were so incapacitated by illness or injury as to not be able to contact the university have the right to appeal the drop.

Students must appeal in writing and attach supporting documentation within (2) business days of the withdrawal. Submit an Appeal Form (available online here) and proof of payment arrangement to the Registrar’s office. 

The Registrar will make a decision within two business days and inform the student of the decision in writing. If the appeal is approved, the student will be reinstated into the class(es). If the student has applied to graduate, the student must inform the Graduation Unit at and let them know the reinstatement has been approved to keep their application active.  

Only one level of appeal is allowed. Decisions of the Registrar are final.