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Course Instruction Modes

UHD offers five instruction modes that outline the class format and how you will participate in course over the term. As a student, you have options when building your class schedule. You can choose classes in a variety of instruction modes for a given session. These instruction modes determine if the course will be conducted face-to-face, online, or in a hybrid format.

In-Person-All graphic.  Classroom setting.  

The instructor and students all meet in the same physical location at the same scheduled time. This is typically a traditional classroom.

example of class schedule with a face-to-face course

A hybrid class combines face-to-face learning in the classroom with online learning that students complete outside of scheduled classroom time.

Example of a 3 hour course: Students attend class in-person on-campus at a scheduled time for 1.5 hours and the remaining 1.5 hours are completed online without scheduled times.

example of a class schedule with a hybrid course

Online-Synchronous Meeting Pattern 1 graphic.  Online with schedule time.
Online-Synchronous Meeting Pattern 2 graphic. 50% online with schedule time. 50% online  with no scheduled time.
Meeting Pattern 1

All class meetings will take place online at a scheduled time each week.

Meeting Pattern 2

50% of class meetings will take place online at a scheduled time each week. Remaining coursework will be completed outside of scheduled instruction.

example of a class schedule with an online-synchronous course

Online-Asynchronous graphic - 100% online.

Classes do not meet in-person. Coursework is structured without regularly scheduled meeting times.

example of a class schedule with an online-asynchronous course

Hyflex graphic. Inc classroom setting or online.

HyFlex classes take place in classrooms that accommodate in-person students and those attending online at the same time.

example of a class schedule with a hyflex course