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Recommended Course Sequence Degree Plans

Creating Clear Pathways for Texas Students to Complete a Credential

In accordance with SB 25 from the 87th Texas Legislative session, public institutions are required to post degree plans with a recommended course sequence for completion of major and certificate degree programs. The recommended course sequence represents the courses and the order that certain courses should be taken to promote student success and degree completion. It is important to refer to UHD's Undergraduate Catalog for information related to all of the degree requirements for a particular program.

These plans do not constitute an official degree plan, but rather serve as a tool for proactive discussion as students plan for registration and timely degree completion with an academic advisor. Students should always confirm their course selections with an academic advisor to avoid taking unnecessary or repeated courses. Please note that some degrees and colleges have specific GPA and other requirements. Courses with asterisks (*) indicate Common Core courses.

UHD Undergraduate Degree Course Sequences