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Welcome to UHD's resource page on HyFlex teaching and classrooms at UHD. Please note that the term HyFlex is used across the academy in various ways. We are working to refine our implementation of this new classroom and pedagogical structure, so please consult this page regularly for updates and contact David Ryden with any questions.

In the academy generally, the term "HyFlex" was originally coined to describe an instructional approach that allows multimodal flexible engagement by students—they can participate in-person, synchronously, or asynchronously. This flexibility is achieved through specific classroom technology set-ups as well as carefully designed pedagogical strategies to encompass the flexible modalities.

At UHD, the term "HyFlex" refers to an instructional approach that allows choice by students between in-person and synchronous electronic engagement in the same class section. At this time, we are not considering fully asynchronous engagement to be inherent in these HyFlex classes, though faculty may develop this model further as we move forward with usage and discussion.

Fall 2022 Status of HyFlex
We are offering UHD HyFlex classes in Fall 2022! These courses are set up as two separate sections in the schedule—one is a FTF section assigned to a HyFlex classroom and the other is a synchronous online section with the same meeting days/times as the FTF section. Thus, students are choosing a preferred engagement strategy. We are in conversation to clarify and expand models for scheduling our various modalities and have worked with faculty, academic leadership, and Enrollment Management to identify and communicate best practices. Please watch for updates to our scheduling practices!

Resources for Faculty
HyFlex Instructional Tips—pedagogy for HyFlex requires faculty to navigate multiple modalities and student engagement in the same classroom. This document offers some resources for your consideration (with huge thanks to CTLE leaders for this helpful resource!). Please see CTLE website for additional information.

Trainings in the HyFlex Classroom Technology
—our Multimedia team can schedule appointments for you to check out the actual classroom spaces and get an introduction to the technology. Please contact Multimedia.

HyFlex Resources

HyFlex Instructional Tips

HyFlex FAQs

CTLE HyFlex webpage

HyFlex Classrooms

A409 - Academic Building
A427 - Academic Building
A428 - Academic Building
A430 - Academic Building
A431 - Academic Building
A437 - Academic Building
A608 - Academic Building
A613 - Academic Building
A615 - Academic Building
A619 - Academic Building
A622 - Academic Building
A626 - Academic Building
B12.338 - UHD Northwest
B12.343 - UHD Northwest
B12.525 - UHD Northwest
B117 - Shea Street Building
B119 - Shea Street Building
B217 - Shea Street Building
B306 - Shea Street Building
B308 - Shea Street Building
B320 - Shea Street Building
B324 - Shea Street Building
B328 - Shea Street Building
B332 - Shea Street Building
B333 - Shea Street Building
C208 - Commerce Street Building
C210 - Commerce Street Building
C224 - Commerce Street Building
C225 - Commerce Street Building
C226 - Commerce Street Building
C228 - Commerce Street Building
C229 - Commerce Street Building
C312 - Commerce Street Building
C320 - Commerce Street Building
N619 - One Main Building
N620 - One Main Building
N621 - One Main Building
N622 - One Main Building
N623 - One Main Building
N624 - One Main Building
N700 - One Main Building
N702 - One Main Building
STB216 - Sciences and Technology Building
STB316 - Sciences and Technology Building
STB416 - Sciences and Technology Building
STB418 - Sciences and Technology Building