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Academic Planning & Policy

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UHD currently offers a wide range of bachelor's and master's degree programs, as well as certificate options at the graduate level. Curriculum innovation and revision operates through a shared governance process that recognizes the primary role of faculty in originating and maintaining curriculum.

Curriculum at UHD


The University Curriculum Committee (UCC)

The University Curriculum Committee (UCC) is the shared governance body that oversees curriculum processes and policies. Please see the UCC page for information about current membership, activities, and expectations.

UCC has developed rubrics to guide faculty in reviewing course and degree plan proposals:
Course Proposal Evaluation Checklist
Program Proposal Evaluation Checklist


Key Policies Guiding Curricular Changes:

Curricular change is guided by UHD policy statements (link to policy page), most notably PS 03.A.12—Changes to Curricula, Courses, and Programs, PS 03.A.35—Academic Programs and Credentials, and PS 03.A.41—General Education Program.

Substantive changes in UHD's program offerings, such as new degrees, availability in off-campus locations, and changes in modality must be reported to external agencies as per PS 03.A.32-Monitoring and Reporting of Substantive Changes.

Faculty seeking to submit curricular changes should consult with colleagues and department leadership as needed prior to engaging the official submission process through our online curriculum management system: Curriculog

For questions on any stages of your planning, contact David Ryden, AVP, Programming and Curriculum ( / 713-221-8607) or

The UHD Catalog and Course Schedule.